Unique Selling Point

boulder-hanging-28The unending climbing wall with constantly changing climbing situations.

International patent protection, with sole sales rights with ytec Swiss GmbH

Safe without safeguard because of the low jumping hights above the mats.

Only requires 3.8 width x 2.8 depth x 3.2 m height.


Programmable rotating climbing disk

  • Rotation speed can be varied/programmed
  • Rotation direction can be altered/programmed
  • Inclination can be varied/programmed between + and - 90°
  • Can also run with a difficult random program

Ideally suited for

  • Workplace health promotion (WHP): Mindfulness, and fitness training at every level
  • Fitness: trains power, coordination, concentration, perseverance, self confidence
  • Professional boulderer: No professional boulderer has completed the 22 minutes of program 9
  • Bouldering beginners and children: With the easier programs
  • Physio- and Psychotherapie: manual operation or with the easier programs
  • Marketing: this circular marketing instrument attracts a lot of attention

Get fit and have fun - the yBoulder trains body, mind and soul!

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