Robby Clemens about the Boulder2800

Robby Clemens in front of the Boulder2800

Robby Clemens in front of the Boulder2800

My name is Robby Clemens. I am an extreme athlete, motivational coach and book author. In 1998 I freed myself from a very severe alcohol and nicotine addiction with running. Almost ten years later I ran my greatest dream - the WORLDRUN - 314 marathons, or 13262 kilometers through 27 countries on 4 continents Länder in 311 days. One time around the world on foot. Between 2016 and 2018 I plan to walk from the north to the south pole.


Robby Clemens at the Boulder2800, accompanied by inventor Dr. Dieter Lazik

The Boulder2800 requires muscular strength, endurance and coordination. A very useful and effective training component. I am very excited. A great tool for preparing my north-to south-pole walk. On Video:

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