Dieter Lazik about the Boulder2800

Dieter Lazik mit Robby Clemens

Dr. Dieter Lazik with Robby Clemens

Dr. Dieter Lazik about the Boulder2800:

  • "Every one can train on it - from the beginner to the professional".
  • "The Boulder2800 is extremely flexible in that you can simulate hills, extreme cliffs and even overhanging rocks: With its extremely variable rotation and tilting-mechanism the large climbing disk (with a 2,8 m diameter) the most diverse routes with the variable difficulties one can find in alpine climbing can be simulated."
  • "The boulder trains body and mind, whether in individual or competitive training."
  • "The operation of the boulder is extremely simple. The tilting if the disk can be set up to 90° in both directions. You can manually set 7 speed levels rotating clockwise or anti-clockwise. Besides that, the boulder has 8 pre-defined programs with increasing difficulty and program number 9 with very high difficulty. It would through me off in just a few moments. Programm 9 is a 22 minute random program with extreme cliffs and variation in speed, tilting and direction. No professional climber has completed level 9, but we would be happy to learn about people that did. It can be made even more difficult by replacing the current big grips and handles with the grips found in professional climbing."
  • "The Boulder2800 is extremely safe: With the few thousand people that have used it, no accident has happened to date. Something that can not be said of the other forms of climbing and bouldering."
  • 1992, Promotion as Dr. rer. nat. in Sports biologist with a focus on spine research at the Institute for sports medicine and prevention at the Potsdam university (Director Prof. Dr. med. G. Badtke)
  • 1994, Certified massage therapist
  • 1995-2010, scientific fellow at the Institute for sports medicine and prevention
  • since 1996, I worked with professional athletes and took part in world cups at such, such as the world championship in rowing/Munich 2007, the olympics in Peking/China 2008 and 2010 in Whistler/Kanada.
  • 1997, Certified natural health professional (Heilpraktiker)
  • 1998, Medical training therapist
  • 2001-2003, Head of INPat at the University of Potsdam (Innovations and patents at german universities - a BMWI initiative), with study trips to Canada, Egypt and Russia
  • 2003 - 2010, Member of the FNK-commission/Promotion board for the faculty of human sciences at the university of Potsdam, Member and head of various research projects
  • Since 2007, head of Leiter des Slow Medicine Research Instituts Potsdam
  • 2007, publishing of the first textbook on therapeutic climbing (Thieme publishing house)
  • Since 2009, University professor at the Europe university Viadrina Frankfurt/Oder for the first master course on complementary medicine in Germany for medical doctors and pharmacists

Research focus areas:

  • Development of new therapies and interventions for health promotion.
  • Development of patents and machines in the areas of sport, medicine and environment
  • Sport performance optimization
  • Effects of magnetic fields and micro currents on musculoskeletal afflictions
  • Innovative concepts in corporate health promotion
  • Health research concepts
  • Product testing

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