Climbing disc yBoulder

Reinhold Messner

was very excited:
" The yBoulder is ingeneous
and because of its thousands of possibilities indomitable:
every school gym should have one.“

yBoulder – the new trend

Bouldering is the new trend that takes fitness training into a totally new dimension.
Get fit and have fun – the yBoulder trains the whole body.
Corporate Health

Corporate health promotion, because when training on the yBoulder all stress leaves you and it is fun, which brings motivation. With the boulder you train power, coordination, concentration and endurance. Fast and efficient fascia- and muscle training. Belongs to every fitness studio.


Fitness & Fun. For all age groups, from 5 to 85 For all levels of fitness For all walks of life: From the businessman, to children, to sport professionals. Small space requirements: 3,5x2,8x3,5 m


Children and beginners can acquire the important bouldering skills on the Boulder. But the Boulder also allows training at the highest level. It trains power, endurance, body awareness, concentration, coordination and motorics.


A rotating circular marketing instrument, an eyecatcher, an attraction that nobody will simply walk by. For all target groups, be the businessmen, sport professionals, children or techno freaks. Small competitions offer even more fun.


Strengthening and straightening by training grasping. Climbing is becoming more and more of a standard for physio and psycho-therapy since the 1990s. In contrast to just training singular muscles, muscles are trained in complex movements and thus in their chains.


The Boulder2800 is fun and thus belongs everywhere, where fun can be had.
The large variety of bouldering situations it can offer is unique. Added excitement can be created with small competitions. The boulder is safe without safe guards, because mats, sand or chippings soften any fall.


To climb is fun. To learn to grasp, to grasp the world, to understand ones place in the world. Gain self confidence. Learn full concentration.

The boulder heaven

Instead of just stargazing, reach for the stars, today!
My home, my car, my fitness

Boulder heaven in the garden with Steffi climbing

My home, my car, MyBoulderado

With the boulder heaven you can now climb in your front garden whatever the weather conditions..
The transparent heaven can be opened for a substantial part, so that you thoroughly enjoy the fresh air.
Choose the color that fits your taste for your personal yBoulder and boulder heaven.
Realize your fitness dream at home and at work.
The set is perfectly suited for corporate health promotion and for therapy.
Contact us for more information.


It is an endless climbing wall with contuously changing climbing situations.
Safe without safe guard because of the low jumping height above the mats.
Small space requirements: 3,5 m x 2,8 m x 3.5 m
With the yBoulder you can train strength, concentration, coordination and endurance
with a lot of fun

The operation of the boulder is extremely simple. The disc can be tilted up to 90° in either direction. The rotation can be manually adjusted for seven different speed levels by turning to the left or to the right. Furthermore the boulder offers 8 programs of increasing difficulty and a chance program with a high degree of difficulty. Of course there is also an integrated timer. And, if that is not enough, you can also put together your own personal training program.

The boulder is fun and therefore can be found wherever fun can be had.

The endless variety of climbing fun is unique and without any safety equipment.

  • Body

    Trains muscular strength, fascia, coordination and endurance

  • Mind

    Trains concentration, strategy and perseverance

  • Soul

    Gives joy, let’s one forget all stress, helps to gain self confidence

  • Suited for

    The full range: from beginners to professionals, from 5 to 85, for training, leisure and therapy

The Team

Experts in fitness and health
health promotion
At the age of 4 Martina began with Ballet and with 12 she started free climbing on challenging routes in Saxon Switzerland, the cradle of free climbing. Because of time constraints and safety considerations she nowadays prefers bouldering.
Therapist, sports scientist,
inventor, scientific advisor
Dieter is an enthusiastic free climber and boulderer. Since 1996 he supervised professional athletes and took part in world cups as such. In 2007 he published the first ever textbook on therapeutic climbing (Thieme publishing house).

MyBoulderado is a Sharing Economy initiative with the goal,
to make the yBoulder widely and nearby available for all.

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